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Services Of The Association

Which Services are Provided by the Association?


Home Visits 

We visit our clients in their own homes and provide emotional-mental aid and support them in their aging process.


In Cases of Health Crises 

We address all the clients’ needs immediately if they experience a health crisis, including the provision of support in funding care hours according to financial criteria.


In Cases of Loneliness 

We employ various means meant to help clients cope with and alleviate their sense of loneliness.


In Cases of Dementia 

We support the clients and their families by ensuring that they receive suitable support services and that they receive the full extent of the rights they are entitled to. We also provide advice to the clients’ families with respect to the various dilemmas that arise throughout the disorder’s progression.


Provision of Medical Powers of Attorney 

We specialize in the provision of information on and assistance in the preemptive filling-in and submission of the various forms pertaining to future medical decisions.


Assistance in Securing the Full Extent of the Financial Rights Holocaust Survivors are Entitled to

We advise and assist clients with respect to the receipt of compensation payments, restitution payments, grants and other benefits from both domestic (Israeli) and foreign sources.

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