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In the course of her work for the Dutch-Israeli Association (IOH), Ms. Nini Czopp OBM – a social worker by training – noticed an increasing degree of hardship among Dutch-Israeli Holocaust survivors that led her to commence the provision of social support services meant for relieving their suffering.

The Nini Czopp Association was established for these survivors’ benefit in 2002 – a year after Ms. Czopp’s passing.

The Association initially sought to improve Dutch-Israeli Holocaust survivors’ quality of life. However, since the fate of all Holocaust survivors was near and dear to the Association’s management at the time, it was decided that the non-Dutch spouses of these survivors should also receive support services from the Association (in more than 50% of the cases these spouses were themselves Holocaust survivors from various nations such as: Austria, Ukraine , Indonesia, Belgium , Germany, Hungary, Greece, Libya, Morocco, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Romania).

The services were later expanded to second-generation survivors and their spouses, recognized by the WUV* as Holocaust victims entitled to the same rights as first generation survivors.

*The WUV is a Dutch law that governs the provision of restitution payments to victims of World War II persecution that satisfy the criteria stipulated therein.

Donations to the Association are tax-deductible under §46(a) of the Income Tax Ordinance.

The Association’s vision and objectives

The Association aims to support the clients in coping with the challenges of aging and to facilitate an optimal quality of life from a financial, functional, social-familial and personal point of view.

The  ultimate goal is to help them strive for an active and meaningful life in their old age while preserving a maximal degree of autonomy – whether at home or at another kind of residential framework (retirement home, sheltered accommodation).


The Board 

The Association’s management is made up of seven members including a chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer, a total of five Executive Board members and two Audit Committee members.

All are volunteers who are not compensated for their work.

The Audit Committee is made up of two volunteer members and is charged with supervising the Association’s conduct.

The Association submits the required documents to the Registrar of Associations on an annual basis in order to receive a Certification of Proper Management.

The Executive Board also appoints a Certified Public Accountant who is charged with auditing the Association’s financial reports and with submitting an Audited Annual Report at each Annual General Meeting.

Members of the Nini Czopp Association’s Management

Paulinka Kreisberg-Wiesenthal, Chairperson

Micha Menko, Secretary

Zvi Markuszower, Treasurer

Channa Bromberg, Member of the Executive Board

Amiram Van Kloeten, Member of the Executive Board

Micha Shimoni, Member of the Executive Board

Yossi Beck, Member of the Executive Board

Marcel Wikler, Member of the Audit Committee

Ernst Voss, Member of the Audit Committee


Elly Maoz, Honorary President

About the Association

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