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Specialized Courses For Professionals

Nini Czopp Association is sharing experience and information of the problems of the elderly with a wider public, among others: people in assisted living accommodations throughout the country


Our Seminars

Seminar I

On February 24 th , 2016 we held a seminar "Is a dignified end of life possible? The responsibility of professionals in the process of the ending of life".

The seminar was organized on the initiative of the Nini Czopp Association and the Keshet Hamishalot (Rainbow of Wishes) foundation in collaboration with the Department of Gerontology at the University of Haifa.

The conference took place in the Hecht Auditorium of Haifa University on the Carmel.  430 people attended, among them well-known professionals  from the field of eldercare, such as  doctors, nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists.


The topic of the seminar was particularly meaningful and important, but people in general tend  to put it aside as a taboo subject – the process of termination of life, and death.
The aim  was to arouse awareness and to address both ethical and professional issues: to what extent can people determine the processes of their own life? Are professionals aware of the possibility to plan the end of life? Do they impart this information to their clients?


At the lectures by renowned professors and the workshops, we  tried - by mentioning creative skills, including medical clowns, music, direct talks about death under coffee with cake, legal planning – to provide the participants with many different viewpoints to enrich their knowledge.


Professor Israel Doron, head of the Department of Gerontology, said in his welcoming speech that he never thought that the Hecht Auditorium would be so full, while the  subject is something we like to avoid as much as possible: a direct, sincere discussion about the end of life. The hall was full and people were even willing to buy a ticket for a standing place, reflecting the great need for information on the subject.


Seminar II 

On February 22th , 2017 we held a ​Seminar of Eldercare Professionals at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque 

Can the End End Well? : How to Work with People in Terminal Condition and How to Fortify the Professionals Looking After Them.


Cinematheque Tel Aviv was the venue for the most recent gathering of professionals working with the elderly and terminally ill patients of all ages. This past February, 500 participants spent the day learning from some of Israel’s most senior medical practitioners, social workers and others involved in providing care to people whose lives are coming to an end.


The topic of the seminar was about Focusing on how to make the loss of life as peaceful and serene as possible, while respecting their patients or clients own vision of dying, the Nini Czopp Association hosted a panel discussion as part of the day’s events led by Carmit Toledano, Nini Czopp’s legal consultant


The panel included a multi-disciplinary panel of five: Dr. Ron Tzabar, Medical Manager of Tzabar Medicine and Home Hospice spoke about dying at home; Dr. Jerry Sinoff, chairman of Keshet Hamishalot (Rainbow of Wishes) Foundation spoke about the fear factor in end-of-life  for both patient and family; Dr. Tikvah Meron, an oncology nurse and clinical expert in Supported Care addressed the issues facing the professional staff and how they cope in end-of-life situations; and Smadar Zilberstein, social worker from Nini Czopp, discussed the range of tools available to social workers in these circumstances.  The panel was rounded out with the participation of Batsheva Baum, a family member who experienced the death of a close relative and shared her views on parting from a loved one.


Both Carmit Toledano and Maya Frenkel-Yosef, CEO of Nini Czopp participated in the third panel discussion of the day. Together they presented an overview regarding the legal rights due to elderly in determining their own end-of-life choices, and how to navigate the time-consuming, and often difficult process with government offices.


Professional lectures and workshops for teams

The Nini Czopp Association holds lectures and workshops on topics related to old age, Holocaust survivors, etc. for professionals, family members and volunteers. The speakers have an MA degree in social work and provide theoretical in-depth knowledge in combination with sharing their practical experience in these fields.


The topics of the lectures and workshops


  • Establishment of an individual legal planning tool for maintaining autonomy in old age

  • Alleviation of exhaustion and stress in working with the elderly

  • Methods and skills in caring for the elderly and their families

  • Is a dignified end of life possible?

  • Caring for Holocaust survivors and their relatives


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